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Manga Youngest Princess

La Princesa Más Joven, Magnae Hwangnyeo'nim, The Beloved Little Princess, The Youngest Princess, 大天使的团宠之路, 奶萌魔力小公主, 막내 황녀님

Synopsis Youngest Princess

Princess Enisha’s birth marks the start of the Hyperion Empire’s prophetic reign. With her unfathomably cute face and a ceaseless supply of loyal servants, life is pretty great for the baby princess. There’s just the small issue of her two psychotic-killer brothers and a war-hungry father who she must stop from driving the empire into ruin. Enisha’s got a lot on her plate, between the constant flood of assassins trying to kill her and those pesky memories of her past life. But she’s in no rush to return to being the powerful high mage of a magical kingdom. After all, being Hyperion’s one great hope certainly has its royal perks. It’s not easy being the empire’s beloved princess, but these subjects will just have to do. Original Webtoon Official Translation: English, Chinese, Indonesian
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