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Manga Warring States Martial Academy

Warring States Martial Arts School, 战国武校

Synopsis Warring States Martial Academy

Battle soul – a soul that carries great power. Only those who possess a battle soul can use ancient martial arts that have destructive techniques. The Warring States Martial Academy is a mysterious school founded over a thousand years ago for the purpose of receiving and punishing people with battle souls. The protagonist was sent to the Warring States Martial Academy by his parents without any knowledge of the place. What he saw and discovered in the school completely changed his concept of the world and of martial arts. The Warring States Martial Academy has the right to decide the life and death of the martial artists who possess battle souls. Who decides if what the academy does is true justice? In the modern society, are the powerful ancient martial arts a boon or bane for mankind? Please look forward to the development of the story!
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