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Manga The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher

Dang Nan Pei Bai Wan Nan Zhu, Nanpei Shengcun Gonglve, The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher, Xuyên Sách Chinh Phục Nam Phụ!, Читать Игра На Выживание Актера Второго Плана, 当男配掰弯男主

Synopsis The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher

Experiencing an unexpected death, Qi Yan was forced to bind a fast time travel system which enables him to time travel across various different worlds to win the targets’ hearts. For Qi Yan, this is just a task that has to be accomplished. It is just a game that does not involve emotion and feelings. He is confident that he can withdraw unscathed and unemotional. But the experience in every task is so real, even if he tells himself over and over that it’s all illusions, he still can’t completely isolate himself from those feelings…
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