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Manga The Devious New Employee

His Devilish New Hire, Karyawan Baru Ma Seong, 攻略毒舌上司, 마성의 신입사원

Synopsis The Devious New Employee

Nam Jieun is your run-of-the-mill employee at the small cosmetics company Rendezvous. At the farewell party for the manager that she had a crush on, she got super drunk to work up the courage to confess.”Miss Nam, I’m going to cut to the chase. Are you in love with me?””The thing is… your lips… are really attractive!”The person she confessed to…”Are you taking your frustration out on me?”…turned out not to be her crush, Kang Minjae, but her company’s CEO, Tarantula Masung – aka Ma Sungjoon, the #1 person she avoids due to his personality, which is the complete opposite of his outsta… More…
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