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Manga Sono Keisatsukan, Tokidoki Yajuu!

The Policeman, Sometimes the Beast! ; その警察官、ときどき野獣! ; その警察官、ときどき野獣!~鍛えたカラダに守られ&襲われる絶倫生活~

Synopsis Sono Keisatsukan, Tokidoki Yajuu!

Description : Rainbow D Translations: The ordinary office lady Hiyori, who lives in a peaceful city, was involved in an accident and broke her arm. I decided to live with Kumano, a policeman who happened to be there. Hiyori was relieved because he was a police officer… “Show me your place.” I thought it was okay because he is a police officer… Will I be violated if I stay here?
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Chapter list: Sono Keisatsukan, Tokidoki Yajuu!