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Manga Skill Emperor,combat King

Emperor Lingwu, Skill Emperor, combat king, Skill Emperor,combat king, 灵武帝尊, 영무제존

Synopsis Skill Emperor,combat King

The popular online novel “Lingwu Dizun” is finally adapted to Comics, which combines passion, fantasy and harem. The young master Chen Tian from the Chen family of Xingchen Town was framed to death by his fellow clan. The young man from Xiaocheng was originally a body of a waste body. He awakened the body of all spirits and became a physique of both spiritual and martial cultivation. After the competition ended, he was ruthlessly chased by the royal family on the way back to the Zongmen for refusing to join the royal power. In the battle of life and death, he awakened the Heaven-defying Martial Soul [Swallowing Martial Soul]!
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