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Manga Romance 101

A Guide to Proper Dating, Ba-Reum's Guide to Dating, Guía de citas para principiantes, Proper Dating Guide, Romance101, The Right Love Guide, Идеальные отношения для чайников, สูตรลับฉบับเลิฟ, 乖乖女的恋爱指南, 乖乖女的戀愛指南, 正しい恋の始めかた, 바른연애 길잡이

Synopsis Romance 101

Bareum’s planner might be full, but one thing she desperately needs in her diary is a date. When she is lured into joining a programming club by her friend’s hot coworker, it looks like there might be hope for her. But will her inexperience lead to her downfall? And why does she keep running into his bad-tempered friend instead?Original Webtoon Official Translations:English, Japanese, S.Chinese, T.Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Indonesian
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