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Manga Heterogeneous Linguistics

Heterogenea Lingvistiko, Heterogenea Lingvistiko – Introduction to Heterogeneous Linguistics, Heterogenea Lingvistiko — Introduction à la linguistique hétérogène, Heterogeneous Linguistics, Heterogenia Linguistico ~ Introduction to Heterogeneous Linguistics ~, Heterogenia Ringigistico ~ Introduction to heterogeneous linguistics ~, Heterogenic Linguistics, 헤테로게니아 린기스티코 ~이종족 언어입문학~, ヘテロゲニア リンギスティコ ~異種族言語学入門~

Synopsis Heterogeneous Linguistics

After his professor hurts his back, Hakaba is left to continue his research in communications and languages. Boarding a hot air balloon, Hakaba lands in the World of Monsters. There, he meets the half-werewolf, half-human child, Susuki, and the two learn about each other’s culture and language.
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