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Manga Haite Kudasai, Takamine-San

Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san, Please Put These On, Takamine-san, Por favor ponte esto, Takamine-san, Пожалуйста, оденьтесь, Такамине-сан, 履いてください、鷹峰さん, 鹰峰同学请穿上衣服

Synopsis Haite Kudasai, Takamine-San

The student council president, Takamine-san, is at the topmost of the school hierarchy, a god. One day, Shirota-kun accidentally saw Takamine-san’s naked breasts. From then, his school life changed. “Put my panties on for me” Shirota-kun has ended up in predicament of Takamin-san’s pink-colored favors.
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