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Manga Eternal God Emperor

Eternal God Emperor, God Emperor (Flying Fish), God Emperor of Eternity, The Ancient Gods, Wan Gu Shen Di, Wàn Gǔ Shén Dì, 万古神帝, 萬古神帝

Synopsis Eternal God Emperor

Eight hundred years ago, a legendary man passed away. Zhang Ruochen, the son of Emperor Ming, was killed by his fiancée, Princess Chi Yao. Then, eight hundred years after his death, he came back, only to find that the one who had killed him had already unified Kunlun’s Field and built the First Central Empire, and was now known as Empress Chi Yao… Empress Chi Yao—Her Majesty governed the mortal world and enjoyed prestige in all directions as well as an eternal life. Zhang Ruochen stood outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, and the flames of hatred burned in his heart. “After I practice for 13 years, I shall send the empress to her doom!”
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